Community Investments at Brand Boulevard of Cars

Brand Boulevard of Cars is a family of dealerships all conveniently located on Brand Boulevard in Glendale, CA. We have many different dealerships, including Chevrolet, Toyota, BMW, Acura, Chrysler, Infiniti and more. In addition, these dealerships have service centers where trained technicians can take care of your current vehicles until you are ready for a new Chrysler car. Once you are ready to make the move, our highly knowledgeable finance team can help you to apply for an auto loan. We have so many different makes and models to choose from at our dealerships that we are confident you will find what you love on one of our lots.

Our Glendale Chrysler dealership, as well as all the rest of the dealerships in our auto group, gives back to the community. We have been a part of the Glendale community for over 50 years and have donated to many of the local organizations. Some of those include organizations that will directly benefit the youth of the area, like the Glendale High School Band Program, local Boy and Girl Scout programs, Hoover High Band Program, John Muir Elementary School and Rosemont Middle School. We have also donated to programs that our community develops, like the Glendale Public Library, Glendale Cops for Kids, and Glendale Cruise Night. As for national programs, we have also donated to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and more.

In addition to donating to these various programs that benefit the Glendale area, our Dodge dealership and other brand dealerships have donated to many events in the area too. Some of those events have raised funds for research and prevention of AIDS, diabetes, leukemia, breast cancer, heart disease and more. We know the importance of donating to these charities because we want to help find cures and treatments for all of these awful diseases. We will continue donate to these events and organizations.

We hope to see you soon here at one of our dealerships that feature so many incredible car brands with so many different models and features to choose from. We would love to tell you more about what our auto group does, as well as what each of our dealerships in Glendale, CA does for the surrounding community. We are proud that all of our dealerships give back to the community all while providing top-notch cars to each of our customers that steps onto our lot. We would be happy to show off these new and pre-owned Chrysler cars or any other car brand, or tell you about the charities we support when you head over to our Glendale dealership. We look forward to seeing you here soon.