Celebrating Acura History at Brand Boulevard of Cars

Acura Interior

Acura dealerships are proud of the luxury cars they are able to offer customers. At Brand Boulevard of Cars, we know that each of the new Acura cars has the amenities and luxury that our customers expect. This is usually because of the rich history of the Acura brand and the growth through the years.

History of Acura

The Acura brand began when Honda had a new sedan in early planning stages in 1981 that would have many luxury items. Honda executives decided the car would fit better in its own brand, so a new division was created to tailor to the luxury buyers. The name “Acura” was officially announced in 1984, and after many secret meetings, 60 Acura dealerships opened on March 27, 1986, to show the public the luxury vehicle. By the end of its first year, the Acura brand sold 52,869 cars and opened 150 dealerships. The success of the brand caused other Japanese car brands to introduce their own luxury brands, specifically Nissan and Toyota. The automaker continued to grow and be innovative. The Acura NSX was the first car to be manufactured by using aluminum in the 1990s. Today, the Acura brand remains a well-loved luxury brand that has many innovative vehicles to offer.

History of the Models from Acura

The first cars that came from the Acura brand were the Acura Legend and Acura Integra when those first 60 dealerships opened. Then in 1989, the automaker debuted their third car at the Chicago Auto show, which was the Acura NSX. This model was the first car with a mass-produced aluminum body and the first engine with electronic variable valve timing and lift. Once of the popular cars that was introduced in 1999 that is still around today is the Acura TL. It had a long list of standard features and became an immediate hit. Today, there are many great models that carry on the Acura brand, like the SUV model Acura MDX and Acura RDX. The brand is known for its luxury features as well as safety. Many of these Acura cars now come with advanced safety features like Adaptive Cruise Control and a Collision Mitigation Braking System. At our Pasadena, CA area car dealership, we know that the company will continue to put out great cars like this in the future.

Buying an Acura at Brand Boulevard of Cars

Head over to our Acura car dealership near Los Angeles to get started on your new car search. We have all of the impressive Acura cars right here on our lot. To give you even more options, we have certified pre-owned Acura models that you can consider as well.