De-Code Automotive Jargon with Help from Brand Boulevard of Cars

Brand Boulevard of Cars is an auto group with a variety of brand dealerships so you can find the car that fits your needs best. All of our dealerships, like our Honda dealership serving Los Angeles, are located on Brand Boulevard in Glendale, CA. We want to provide the best customer service for our clients, so we provide many services like selling new Honda cars and pre-owned Honda cars, serving those vehicles, financing and more. We also want our customers to be informed and feel confident at our dealership, so we will provide you with the following basic automotive knowledge.

Technical and Service Terms

  • Manual transmission- This is a type of transmission where you shift gears for yourself. It is also commonly referred to as stick shift.
  • Dual zone automatic climate control- This is a feature that lets you set the climate for the car for both the driver and for the front passenger separately.
  • Torque- This measurement is the rotational comparison to force that the engine is capable of, and it is measured in pound-feet.
  • Drivetrain- This is the combination of all of the vehicle’s components that create its power and transmit it to the wheels, such as the engine, transmission, etc.
  • Hybrid- This is a type of vehicle that uses two or more types as power, such as internal combustion engine and electric motor. These vehicles are popular for being much more eco-friendly.
  • Brake pads- This is the material that is attached to the plate of the brakes that grip the disc in a disc brake.
  • Tire rotation- This is an important service where the wheels and tires are moved from one position to another to ensure even tire wear.
  • OEM- This acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which is the company that makes a part to be used in the vehicle.

Honda Terms

  • Honda Sensing™- A suite of driver-assistive technologies, such as Lane Departure Warning or Road Departure Mitigation, to help you sense items that may otherwise be missed. In some cases, these features can help you to avoid a collision or make it less severe for added safety in the vehicle.
  • ACE™ Body Structure- This is a Honda-exclusive body design that enhances protection of the occupants and crash compatibility in frontal collisions by distributing crash energy more evenly throughout the front of the vehicle. This is also considered a safety item on the Honda vehicles.

These are just a few of the items you should know for basic knowledge, but if you have any questions or want to know more, you can always come ask us here at our Glendale Honda dealership or any one of our other dealerships. We invite you to stop in soon to one of our locations so we can find out how we can serve you better. Our team is focused on your satisfaction, and we will not rest until we find your next new car here on our lot. We look forward to serving all of your automotive needs soon!